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Workshare Professional 7.0: A Comprehensive Review

Workshare Professional 7.0 is a desktop application that automates managing changes to business documents, protects against unauthorized content disclosure and delivers the worlds most secure PDF creation, all in one integrated solution. In this article, we will review the features and benefits of Workshare Professional 7.0, as well as the installation and licensing process.

Features and Benefits

Workshare Professional 7.0 is designed for the way that you work within Microsoft Office. It integrates with your existing desktop productivity software Microsoft Word, Excel and PowerPoint and your email applications such as Microsoft Outlook or IBM Lotus Notes. In addition, it supports many document management systems (DMSs) and Microsoft SharePoint to track and store key documents.

[FULL] Crack.Workshare.Professional.7.0

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Workshare Professional 7.0 provides the following features and benefits:

  • Fast and accurate multi-party document review: Workshare Professional 7.0 eliminates version/master proliferation and confusion when sharing documents across email, portals, and document repositories and provides full document lifecycle audit and visibility. You can easily collaborate with your colleagues and clients on document revisions, comments, and approvals.

  • Fast and accurate document comparison: Workshare Professional 7.0 is the worlds leading and fastest comparison tool especially critical for complex business documents in any language with difficult to compare changes like tables, complex formatting, numbering and styles. You can compare one document against multiple modified versions including Word to Word, PDF to PDF, and Word to text-based PDF. You can also generate a redline (comparison) document from Microsoft Outlook.

  • Policy-driven content risk management and PDF conversion: Workshare Professional 7.0 protects against unauthorized content disclosure and delivers the worlds most secure PDF creation. It removes risky content, converts information to appropriate formats, and applies content rights. You can also discover and remove hidden data and visible content leaks with manual redaction options.

  • Secure PDF conversion anywhere and on email send: Workshare Professional 7.0 allows you to convert any file type to a secure PDF with a single click. You can also convert your emails and attachments to PDF automatically when you send them. This ensures that your documents are protected from unauthorized access, copying, editing, or printing.

  • Extended and secured document control over email and portals: Workshare Professional 7.0 enables you to control who can access, view, edit, or print your documents when you share them via email or portals. You can also revoke access, expire documents, or track usage at any time. This gives you peace of mind that your sensitive information is always secure.

  • Accurate conversion of PDF files to Microsoft Word files: Workshare Professional 7.0 allows you to convert PDF files to editable Word files with high accuracy. You can preserve the original layout, formatting, fonts, images, and tables of your PDF files in Word format. This saves you time and effort when you need to edit or reuse your PDF content.

  • Ability to combine multiple files into a single PDF: Workshare Professional 7.0 allows you to merge multiple files of different types into a single PDF file. You can also rearrange, delete, or insert pages in your PDF file. This makes it easy to create professional-looking documents with multiple sources.

Installation and Licensing

To install Workshare Professional 7.0, you need to download the executable file from the [Workshare Download Center]. If you dont have a Workshare Connect account, youll be asked to create one before downloading the file. After downloading the file, double-click it and follow the installation wizard. For full instructions, see the [Workshare Professional 7.0 Installation Guide].

To license Workshare Professional 7.0, you need to sign in to Workshare with your Workshare Connect account after installing the product. This will license your product on your computer. Workshare no longer uses authentication codes or .LIC files for licensing.


Workshare Professional 7.0 is a powerful and comprehensive solution for managing, comparing, and securing your business documents. It integrates seamlessly with your existing desktop and email applications, as well as your document management systems and Microsoft SharePoint. It offers fast and accurate document review and comparison, policy-driven content risk management and PDF conversion, secure PDF creation and sharing, accurate PDF to Word conversion, and easy PDF merging and editing. It is easy to install and license with your Workshare Connect account. If you are looking for a reliable and efficient way to work with your business documents, Workshare Professional 7.0 is the product for you.


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